HPSA Benefits Support

Our support service will help you take advantage of every opportunity.

HPSA Benefits Support Service

The first question our clients ask after they become HPSA-designated is,

"How do we get the benefits?"

This became the inspiration for creating a new product line at HPSA Acumen, Inc., called HPSA Benefits Support Service.

The contract is a year long and renewable.

One of the first actions we take is to assist the client with obtaining site validations so that the physicians and Advanced Practitioners have the opportunity to apply for medical education loan forgiveness. We also assist the clinicians through the application process.

There are many types of grants available for underserved areas that are sometimes difficult to extract and the deadlines are, often, only a couple months long. We profile the client's needs and search the grant releases on a daily basis, so that we may efficiently connect our clients with the grant opportunities.

Should the client's designation be a geographic HPSA, we assist them in obtaining the various types of bonuses associated with the designation. These are financial incentives not to be missed! The service is fine-tuned to the needs of the client.

HPSA Acumen also assists with J-1 Visa Waivers.

Additionally, we create a client matrix which includes the history of HPSAs, MUA/MUP, CHNA, which helps us track the needs of the client, deadlines for renewals, as well as all eligible benefits to optimize the designations.

Our support service will help you take advantage of all the opportunities of your various designations without adding to your administrations current workload.  Lets us help you maximize the impact of these Federal designations.

Call HPSA Benefits Support at  (716) 483-0888, ext. 203, or email HPSA Benefits Support at: support@hpsa.us

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