Am I in a HPSA or MUA?

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Executive at HPSA Acumen are often asked by doctors and practice managers if their practice is in a shortage designation.

For hospitals, rural health clinics and physician offices in economically struggling communities, finding out they are located in a designated shortage area is welcome news because of the benefits a shortage designation can provide.

The best way to find out if your community is designated as a shortage area is to visit the Health Resource and Services Administration (HRSA) shortages Web site at:

Once there, you can search by street address in the “HPSA & MUA/P by Address” link or search individually for HPSAs and MUAs by county and state.
We recommend searching by address, as we did using HPSA Acumen’s offices:

Once we “submit” our address, we receive a summary of the shortage designations that cover our offices:

The screen shot above includes the address we typed into the Federal system and a response from the HRSA database showing the names and types of shortage areas in the community surrounding the address. In this case, the address has four different shortage designations recognized by the Federal government. Some communities will not have any designations. For those communities, the screen shows that no shortages were found.

The shortage designation ID, shown in the screen shot as a “HPSA ID” or “MUA/P ID” is a number that uniquely identifies the designation for the government and is helpful for accounts receivables staff and for physicians applying for loan forgivness, when they need to reference a unique number for the designation.

If, after viewing the HRSA Web site you still cannot determine if your community is in a shortage designation, HRSA does take questions by e-mail or phone call at or 1-888-275-4772. Press option 1, then option 2.

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