Expanding Access to Loan Forgiveness

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Project managers at HPSA Acumen are well acquainted with the changing times in the healthcare industry. Their senses are attuned to updates and opportunities that affect or are affected by shortage designations. One of the lesser known updates has been an expansion in the types of locations eligible for special placement physicians.

Since last October, the National Health Service Corps (NHSC) began accepting applications from Critical Access Hospitals (CAH) to become approved loan-repayment sites for NHSC-placed physicians. The response to that change has been strong and improving. According to HPSA Acumen sources, 45 new hospitals have been approved as “eligible NHSC LRP sites” with 95 more pending.

HPSA Acumen clients will be interested to know that if a CAH is in a current health professional shortage area with a score of 14 or higher, the approved loan-repayment clinicians (including physicians and mid-levels) would receive $60,000 for a two-year contract.

If the HPSA has a score of 13 or lower, they would be eligible to receive $40,000 for a two-year contract.

As of February 1, 64% of all CAH’s were in a health professional shortage designation.

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