Rural Health Center Conference with HPSA Acumen

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HPSA Acumen staff are proud to say they’ll be joining scores of industry professionals for learning and networking at the National Association of Rural Health Clinics conference in San Antonio, March 19 to 21.

The three-day event is scheduled to feature speakers and presentations addressing topics important to existing and future rural health clinics throughout the country.

HPSA Acumen’s executive team will be on hand to share their experiences and insights into the changing environment RHCs operate in. They’ll be especially equipped to discuss the foundation certification for any RHC – the presence of a current medically underserved area (MUA) designation, or a health professional shortage area (HPSA) designation.

Of special concern to HPSA Acumen executives is the stability of current designations in the long-run. In 1997, the Federal government changed the RHC ‘Grandfather Claus’ to say that the government could pull a RHC designation if there was not a valid HPSA or the area was no longer rural. They have not used their authority in this area yet, but we have reason to believe it will become relevant in the near future.

HPSA Acumen staff understand both the importance of MUAs and HPSAs to the operating budgets of rural clinics as well as the continuing services these clinics provide in rural America. Put HPSA Acumen’s 15 years of experience in securing shortage designations to work for your community. Contact us before you make your way to the conference.

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