HPSA Acumen works for Yuma (for the 3rd time!)

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Marijka E. Lampard, shown at the far right, below, addressed the concerns and questions of Yuma Regional Medical Center staff Wednesday afternoon.


Marijka E. Lampard, HPSA Acumen’s Chief Executive, and Joseph, HPSA Acumen’s Project Manager, are in Yuma, Arizona, this week presenting before Yuma Regional Medical Center physicians, billing staff, executives and hospital network supporters.

Just after Wednesday afternoon’s session Joseph texted the following:

“We are in Yuma presenting to medical billers, physicians, hospital administrators, recruiters, nurse and Physician Assistant trainers, as well as individuals from the University of Arizona. We are presenting the benefits of their Geographic HPSA, how to obtain all of those benefits, and what has changed since their last designation we submitted 4 years ago. Also covered was the new Primary Care Incentive Payment (PCIP) as well as the HPSA Surgical Incentive Payment Program (HSIP).

Patrick Walz, President and CEO of Yuma Regional Medical Center hired us 5 years ago to apply and obtain their original full county designation. He said it was a no brainer to hire us to ensure the renewal of the designation 4 years later.

160+ were in attendance at the Hilton Pivot Point Conference Center in Yuma Arizona.”

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