Tax-Exempt Hospital Hearing Before Congress Committee

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Acumen staff and executives will be watching what develops in Congress as representatives ask questions about tax-exempt hospitals and other organizations.

Modern Healthcare reported early on Friday that the House Ways and Means Sub-Committee on Oversight will hold a hearing on May 16 with the IRS and other invited speakers. Changes in regulations and the tax code during the past three years have already affected not-for-profits nationwide. The upcoming Congressional and Presidential elections will likely result in more changes that affect the organizations even more.

While we cannot predict what subcommittee members will say during the hearing, but we are certain that with a practicing medical doctor as chairman (Dr. Charles Boustany, R-Louisiana), discussion of hospitals and healthcare are bound to surface in this discussion. We’re especially interested in questions and answers that will follow prepared testimonies that might clue the country in to how House Republicans and Democrats perceive changes to the IRS Form 990, 990 Schedule H for hospitals, enhanced community benefit requirements and the rule requiring published community health needs assessments starting this year.

For more information on the hearing, click here.

More on this after the hearing next Wednesday.

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