Rochester on Top of Loan Programs

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Physician Loan Repayment programs are almost always a hot topic of discussion in healthcare circles. For this reason, HPSA Acumen keeps abreast of most state and national programs available in the areas in which we operate. But it came as a surprise to us when we found out that some of our hospital clients in Rochester, N.Y., have established their own loan program to operate alongside Federal and state LRPs already in the market.

Starting this year, Highland Hospital, Strong Memorial, Unity Hospital, Rochester General Hospital, and the Rochester Integrated Health Network joined with Excellus Blue Cross-Blue Shield to offer $600,000 annually for loan repayment to new-to-Rochester internists and family practitioners.

Program overview and contact information are available here.

Requirements as follows:

Loan Forgiveness Criteria

  1. New to adult primary care practice in Rochester region
  2. 4 year commitment
    a. 3 year commitment if forgiveness is < or = $60,000
  3. Outstanding educational loans > or = amount of forgiveness
  4. Practice site is in Monroe or contiguous county
  5. Must be at least 32 hours/week of scheduled direct patient care to
    receive $120,000
    a. May be prorated based on value of loan forgiveness

Loan Forgiveness Guidelines

  1. Recruit helps meet geographic or population need
  2. Outstanding candidates that maintain or improve quality of primary
    care in the region
  3. Candidate going to a practice with demonstrated recruitment
    challenge +/or imminent loss of physician
  4. Include both employed and independent practices
  5. Accepts Commercial, Medicare, and Safety Net patients

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