Medicare Cuts Coming Says White House

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Pending Medicare cuts are reasons to plan.

Though Modern Healthcare reports here that the White House’s best projection is that Congress’ and the President’s 2011 deal to raise the U.S. debt limit will wipe out $11 Billion from the Hospital Insurance Trust Fund — its just the start. Much more money, $1.2 Trillion in fact, is set to be cut over the next 10 years, though not all of it from Medicare.

While uncertainty reigns, hospital networks can plan for what they will do if and when the cuts remain unchanged. On top of all the revenue lines and expense items that you will review, remember to make sure your shortage designations are up-to-date and fully utilized.

Communities with active physician shortage designations will depend on them more for the bonuses offered on primary care professional components as well as primary care student-loan repayment programs that can help keep professionals in place during the Washington budget storm to come.

To determine if your network is doing all that it can with its existing Health Professional Shortage Area, Medically Underserved Area or other shortage designation, contact HPSA Acumen.

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