Incentivizing Primary Care Outside of the Usual Face-to-Face Encounter

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CMS is rolling out a new primary care quality improvement initiative within ten states. The program is called Comprehensive Primary Care Plus, also known as CPC+. There are two different programs they are testing out to improve health outcomes and lower Medicaid, Medicare, and managed care costs. For the first program, in addition to the fee-for-service Medicare payments, physicians will also receive a monthly fee for specific services.  As for the second program, physicians will receive an upfront monthly care management fee along with reduced fee-for-service Medicare payments. They are hoping that this will encourage care outside of the usual face-to-face encounter.

This program will begin January 2017 and run for five years. It will be interesting to see the results of this trial and if either of these medical home models can lower medical costs to CMS while still improving health outcomes.

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