A general timeline based on our experience orchestrating HPSA designations.

Based on HPSA Acumen’s experience orchestrating HPSA designations on behalf of clients across the country, the total project follows this general timeline:

Preliminary Study

• Determination of Rational Service Area (RSA)
• Survey of all physicians practicing within the RSA
• Survey of contiguous areas

Completion and Submission

• Physicians' supply of primary care further analyzed
• Comprehensive project review carried out by the CEO, the Senior Statistical Analyst and the Senior Medical Information Analyst
• Application submitted to the relevant state government

State Review

• Client report delivered
• State inquiries about data
• Supplemental information provided, if necessary
• Serve as client's liaison to government
• Continual client updates provided to prepare and facilitate implementation of HPSA-related administrative issues

Federal Review

• State government's uploaded data reviewed
• Federal data cross-checked against submitted data
• Final approval
• Notify and congratulate client

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