Physician Recruitment & Community Building

A winning situation all around: patients, physicians, and communities each benefit from HPSA designation.


A HPSA designation makes it easier and less expensive to recruit new clinicians, allowing more communities to actively pursue primary care physicians, specialists, Advanced Practitioners, psychiatrists, core mental health workers, dentists, and hygienists.

  • A HPSA designation enables a community or facility to recruit foreign educated physicians on J-1 and H-1B Visa Waivers. The opportunity to practice within a HPSA opens the door to these highly qualified physicians, including specialists, who wish to remain in the US.
  • Physicians and Advanced Practitioners who are U.S. citizens are attracted to practice in approved sites within a HPSA; doing so grants access to significant amounts of medical education loan forgiveness.
  • The National Health Service Corps (NHSC) places scholars (physicians) in HPSAs with a score of 17 or higher.  The Students to Service (S2S) program also will place clinicians in HPSAs with scores of 14 or higher.  These programs are powerful recruitment tool you can access once you have a HPSA.  Learn more about placement through the NHSC at National Health Service Corps or by calling the NHSC at 1-800-221-9393.
  • Physicians and specialists looking for higher Medicare reimbursement may consider moving their practice into your Geographic HPSA to obtain the 10% Medicare bonus.

Community Building

In addition to improving patient welfare by relieving a shortage of health care providers, HPSA status benefits the community as a whole in many other ways:

  • Physicians are more easily retained when they are offered medical education loan repayment and a Medicare incentive bonus payment. As these professionals become established in the community, so do their spouses and children, lending their vitality and participation in schools, churches, and civic organizations.
  • Depending on health professional employment levels, workforce training may be offered for various medical personnel. There is also more support available for medical education programs such as nursing and medical technician training to increase manpower where a high-needs area is defined.
  • Some clinics may obtain funds to improve their physical sites, as well as communication systems and medical records.
  • A HPSA designation is a prerequisite to other programs because it defines the shortage area needs of a community. This not only qualifies the community for other designations, such as Rural Health Clinics (RHC), but allows it to advance in line for priority consideration. HPSA status provides an impressive platform for writing applications for grants, financial assistance, and a variety of other healthcare-supportive programs.
  • All primary care physicians on loan repayment must see any patient, whether they are insured or not. This will alleviate some of the burden on health clinics, urgent care centers, and hospital emergency rooms in the county. Most importantly, due to improved access, this will improve the health status of your community.

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