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Medical Staff Development Plan

This plan generates precise staffing requirements for primary care as well as specialists, providing an integrated medical staffing plan for the region and cultivating reasonable 3-5 year recruitment goals. It provides the client the tools to corner the market and maximize productivity of medical staff.

The medical staff development plan considers capacity levels in the region and projects how they are expected to change over the intermediate term. Specific health disparities in the area, the ability of the population to pay for health services, and the demographical demands on the medical network are all taken into consideration.

The plan factors indicators of insufficient capacity for each type of primary and specialty care, as well as services delegated to the poor and medically indigent. The plan gauges quantitative assessments paired with the qualitative insights from the providers themselves.

The spectrum of work-life balance from newly graduated to seasoned physicians is included in physician profiling along with the weight pulled by advanced practitioners interdependent with physicians versus as independent providers. Efficiencies gained through the use of electronic medical records, E-prescribing and, telemedicine are also evaluated.

Looking at these factors, along with referral patterns, creates direction for strategic efforts to solidify and grow market share. Analysis of the unmet need and ability to pay allows you to decide when and where to scale up current capacity or set up various types of new facilities.

With these combined assessment areas, the medical staff development plan can provide you with the knowledge and direction to revitalize and maximize operations.

Psychiatric Services Assessment

This study reviews the supply of mental health services in the region focusing on both provider and facility capabilities and capacities. It shows both aggregate data and data particular to market segments such as psychiatric services for the elderly. The market offering and organization reveals more than supply shortages. It reveals organizational weaknesses, patient flows, client market share, and points of leverage. This goes beyond a staff development plan; it guides the systematic application of finite resources to most effectively cultivate community health while solidifying market dominance.

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