CHNA Strategy

A CHNA has the potential to be a multi-level planning and compliance tool.

In the right hands, a CHNA:

  • has the potential to be a multi-level planning and compliance tool
  • provides clarity to hospital administrators on the state of their organization
  • marks boundaries of the medical network
  • identifies market share and where to focus efforts in the competition for market share
  • statistically defines healthcare problems with accuracy versus subjectivity
  • focuses on the individual in the patient care model
  • initiates dialogue revealing real health care concerns
  • allows an appropriate and measured response to perceived health care concerns
  • maximizes resources within the network
  • solidifies stakeholder buy-in

"While CHNA compliance requirements must be fulfilled, the minimum requirements yield little in the way of useful planning tools for the hospital. When done correctly, the CHNA and the accompanying process provides an ideal opportunity for information gathering and planning for medium and long-range plans. This kind of planning helps to identify the market, the Hospital’s market share, health care concerns, strengths, shortages, and points of leverage for development. It would go beyond compliance and provide value for PR, HR, strategic planning and marketing."

- Marijka Lampard

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