HPSA 101

HPSA Acumen makes the designation process efficient and seamless for our clients.

HPSA Designations

A Health Professional Shortage Area (HPSA) designation is a cornerstone to securing primary care physicians for your medical service area. This government-established program boosts your underserved area with monetary stimulus to retain and attract new physicians, supporting your medical personnel and programs.

HPSA Acumen makes the designation process efficient and seamless for our clients. During a 60 day period, we can create a true picture of your medical service area, quantify the dynamics, and prove to the state and Federal governments your degree of shortage, if one exists.

HPSA Categories

Health professional shortages can exist in all three of these categories:

Primary Health Care

Primary Health Care

Acknowledges the physician shortage in a service area. The physician shortage is calculated from pediatrics, ob/gyn, general internal medicine, and family practice physicians only.

Dental Health Care
Mental Health Care

HPSA Types

Each HPSA category has 4 types:



A Geographic HPSA is for a region that is determined to be a sound Rational Service Area (RSA). It can be a portion of a city or a county, or it can be an entire county. It is based on primary care hours for general population.

Low-Income Population
Specialty Population

HPSA Benefits

Medicare Bonus

When an area is designated as a Geographic HPSA all physicians working in the HPSA are eligible for the additional 10% Medicare payment. From primary care physicians and specialists to optometrists, chiropractors, podiatrists, and even medical tele-consultants, they are all eligible for the incentive payment for practicing in the Geographic HPSA. Although the HPSA project is based on the study of Primary Care, all disciplines benefit.

Loan Forgiveness
Visa Waiver

Locate a HPSA

The link below will take you to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Health Resources and Service Administration website, where you can search by state, county, and type of HPSA designation. While on the site, be sure to also see which HPSAs are eligible for the Medicare Bonus by using the link on the left of the page titled HPSA Eligible for the Medicare Physician Bonus Payment. Refer to the glossary below to help you better understand the information you will find at the federal HPSA site. Click on the following link:

If you still cannot determine whether you are in a HPSA designation you most likely are not located in a full county, city, or facility HPSA. You will need to look up your county subdivision and census tract.  Click on the following U.S. Census Bureau link and enter your practice location; this is called geocoding your site.

Look for your County Civil Division (CCD), Minor Civil Division (MCD) and/or Census Tract (C.T.).  Do you see one of them listed as being designated?  If you do, you are located in a HPSA.

If you still cannot determine whether you are in a HPSA, please contact us to validate your designation.  We will geocode your site, send you a site validation of designation, and create a HPSA map of your county and surrounding counties for $50.00.  If you have multiple queries please see our fee structure below.

Site Validations

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